Hardwood Elegance


In-Line Chromatic

Electric Elegance Grand

MIDI PowerHarp





Harp on the go !ElectricHarp

Bringing new possibilities to Harping sm

Made in America, using non-rainforest hardwoods

Kerli Koiv with CT30 harp used in "Tea Party" video

ElectricHarp combines engineering with aesthetics to create a wide variety of amazing, beautiful, and functional Harps and accessories for the New Century.


   SolidHeart - Baltic Birch laminate, single-piece body      

   Hardwood Elegance- Wood Tone or Metallic finish

   ClearTones - Clear Lucite see-thru harps, with Lights !  

   In-Line Chromatic - All the sharps and flats, without levers 

   Electric Elegance - Looks almost classic, but wired for sound

   MIDI PowerHarp - Supreme versatility is an understatement


Kerli (from the "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack) with a CT30 used in the filming of the "Tea Party" music video !


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or call Phil at 603-943-1320


    Sound Samples . . .

   Greensleeves (with slight effects)

    Pachelbel (recorded acoustically - not plugged-in)

    Effects Vibe (plugged into a vocal processor) 

caution: strange noises ahead....

    Jimi Hendrix Star-Spangled (plugged into a guitar effect)


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* Patented *
 These portable electronic musical instruments are essentially updated Celtic Harps, and electro-acoustic, in-line chromatic, MIDI, and acoustic sound outputs are among the various options that they provide.  We offer assistance on selection, design, and decoration of the electroharp and additional assistance to get thru the learning curve of harp amplification, electric harp playing styles, etc.