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  At left is an example of a special design on a folding resonator.  Can we give you the Moon and Stars ??

Yes, we can.


   Folding Resonator

Easy to install & remove, without tools, in less than a minute !

Note : Many exciting custom finishes are available to match your harp.

Step 1 : Harp, meet the resonator 

  The resonator folds flat (as shown) for safe & easy travel and storage.





Step 2 : Install the top screw, loosely 

Open the resonator out flat and install the top thumbscrew.




Step 3 : Install the bottom screw, loosely 

Install the bottom thumbscrew.




Step 4 : Fold it into a 3-d box

Slide the tongue into the groove.  It is something between a zip-lock bag and a wooden zipper.




Step 5 : Screw in the guide posts

Push the latex-rubber coated post thru the top hole and screw it into the threaded hole in the back.  The top post is shown being installed at left.


After these 5 steps, you can comfortably play your electric harp acoustically (unplugged) as a lap harp.

To attach a guitar strap :

Step 6 : Attach guitar strap to the pegs

Any standard adjustable guitar strap will do.

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Please feel free to contact us with your requests, whether it's a for a pre-built instrument or just an idea for your ideal harp that you're just thinking about. We can work with you to create and ship the Harp of your Dreams.


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